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We are pleased to announce our partnership with

Electrify California

to develop a commercially practical Graphene Super Capacitor suitable for Mobile Electric Car Charging in California.


Graphene of America's Headquarters are located in Southern California and we Research, Develop, and Manufacture in America to help California and the USA lead the World in Graphene Technology.

We are currently focused on applying our Graphene Technology to significantly improve electrical charging technology for Mobile Chargers for Electric Cars in California.

Our Mobile Charger Partner is, California's Mobile Charging Fleet.

We specialize in helping California Startups increase their net worth by integrating our graphene into their prototypes and products. Since Graphene products are considered High Tech Products these Startups are subsequently evaluated as a High Tech Companies and receive substantially Higher Valuation for investments.

Graphene of America welcomes all American Companies to benefit from our Graphene Technology. We will be pleased to help make your products stronger, better and even more profitable with our Graphene Formulas.

You may contact our ceo directly:













































































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