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American Graphene Research

Graphene of America just completed an Advanced Amphibious Graphene Drone Design virtually impervious to water. This innovative drone provides a signicant advantage to our military and a substantial advancement in Drone Technology.

Graphene of America's also completed successful testing of our commercial Graphene Carbon Fiber Drone Formula which substantially lowers the overall weight of drones. An additional benefit of our advanced graphene formula for drones provides for nearly twice the impact resistance of regular drones while cutting the weight in half.

Graphene of America projects that drones will play an increasingly large part in our future, both for civilian use as well as our military; consequently, as we become more reliant upon drone technology, graphene will play an even larger role in providing the drone industry with the ability to create stronger, lighter and even more efficient drones.

The benefits of our Graphene Technology allows American Drone Manufacturers to create drones with much longer ranges than currently available and with a lower drone weight, each drone can carry a larger payload and fly longer than current drones.

Our new advanced graphene drone technology is now available to Major American Drone Manufacturers.

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Graphene of America

Every century a major new technology sweeps the world. Last century, that new technology was the Computer & Internet and they changed the world.

This Century, the new technology is Graphene and it will change the World in ways we can only begin to imagine.

Graphene of America's goal is to advance Graphene Research in the United States to insure America will keep pace with the rest of the world in this critical new Graphene Technology.

Graphene of America's goal for the future is to use Graphene Research to create a better Future by using our Advanced Graphene Technology to find solutions for some of the world's most pressing challenges.

Graphene of America's Headquarters are located in Southern California and we have pledged to Research, Develop, and Manufacture in America to help California and the USA lead the World in Graphene Technology.

Graphene of America welcomes American Companies to benefit from our Graphene Technology. You may contact our ceo directly:





Our advanced proprietary Graphene Technology
improves virtually all Plastics, Carbon Fibers and composites.
We can show you actual samples of our Graphene Technology Now!
Graphene makes products you invest in stronger, lighter … and
Plus, products with Graphene become High Tech Investments!
Our Graphene is ready now, not in some distant future.
We are conveniently located in Southern California so
let’s enhance one of your products with our Graphene.

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Graphene technology

Global Graphene Research

Graphene of America conducts Advanced Graphene Research on a global scale to originate and develop new innovative Graphene Products.

Graphene of America's Global Research and Development projects cover a broad field of Graphene Applications.

Our primary goal for our Global Graphene Research is to create practical and useful Graphene consumer products and solutions now, not in some distant future.

Graphene of America does not believe in conducting research just for the sake of research. All of our Graphene Research is Applied Research with practical and achievable goals.

Although Graphene of America's primary mission is to help America lead the world in Graphene Technology, we believe Global Graphene Technology will create a better world; consequently, we encourage International Scientific Co-operation to help solve global challenges.

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"Graphene of America" is a U.S. (TM) Trademark of Graphene of America